Links to the associated sites of those groups and individuals with whom we have the special connection: – As one of the UK’s most respected trance and physical mediums, Stewart, along with his loyal circle, has been breaking boundaries for over 50 years. The Blue Circle confidentaly consider Stewart Alexander our primary mentor. – Nicole de Haas is a medium and teacher from the Netherlands. She works internationally, has her own centre for Mediumship and Healing in Holland and is involved in organising the mediumship program of the Zwanenhof which is one of the European leading centres for mediumship, healing and personal development. Nicole likes to bring an understanding of spiritualism and mediumship in all its aspects, and her passion is in the field of physical mediumship. Her aim is to inspire, to connect, to touch, and to reunite people with their loved ones, with her passion for and dedication to the world of Spirit. – Sandy is a wonderful friend to our circle, without her invaluable assistance through the years we may not have developed as well as we have done in our work to help people – evidential spirit art and clairvoyant readings – she is wonderful! – The story of how respected UK Trance Medium Robert Goodwin became the vehicle for the teachings of spirit guide White Feather and their fifty year, two-world partnership. – Suzanne is Awakened Mind Coach & Practitioner. Years ago, she became the first Awakened Mind (AM) Coach Trainer in the world and, as such, qualified and authorized to train and certify coaches. Suzanne is also qualified to train practitioners according to the standards of the Institute for the Awakened Mind.
Suzanne holds a Bachelor’s degree in communication science, a Master’s degree in Customer Relationship Management. She is a post-bachelor certified coach, an NLP practitioner, and a CRKBO (the Dutch Central Register for Short Vocational Training)- qualified teacher. As a Medium Suzanne is a SNU-certified demonstrator and speaker (CSNU demonstrating & speaking) and a SNU certified teacher (CSNUt) and since 2020 approved Trainee Tutor on the world famous Arthur Findlay College in de UK. Based on her research of the states of consciousness of mediums, she developed her own method for mediumship development: the Awaking Mediumship Method™. – Our lovely friend, Julie, offers transference healing, which really helps people to pass through their ailments – both physically, mentally, and spiritually Usually, following the healing session, Julie will send you a recording of all that she felt for you during her time connecting with you. I personally found this to be very, very useful and effective. Find this directory by James McQuitty, detailing links to a number of spiritual influences and philosophy messages for humanity, amongst other content.