Trance communication – “Beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning?” (Click this title to read)

February 2021 during a circle gathering with two guest sitters, Anthony was asked when anything resembling the “old normal” maybe felt again? Will it ever be felt again? As his child like mannerisms turned serious, his response was:

“By the second summer (summer 2022) you should be feeling an air of what you considered to be ‘normal’ – but – it isn’t normal! Because of the circumstances that have taken place during recent times and those yet to come – they have changed you! Please stay firm this year and if you succeed then by the second summer, for a vast majority it will feel normal again, in your head”.

See the current rolling back of restrictions in the UK and some other locations – this summer will be the second summer.

During the same gathering, Monty added:

“You shall see, before to long, a second throw of the dice… Many countries are on the verge of bankruptcy and when that time comes then those people in control of all that you have suffered through will conspire, once again!
Their plan is to create a grand union of countries and continents, so that you may all “come together” and cancel each others national debts and to work together inorder to rebuild. When this time comes we will urge that you must again stand firmly against such a union. Many will believe it is a gift for global unity – but – if it is achieved then your freedom will be swallowed up by such a monstrous creation, which will then reform into a global super power that is nothing less than a one world control over all of you. That super-power will own all that you believe is yours and under it you shall never see the head of the snake again for it shall be concealed from all the people of the Earth. This will not be 28 nations telling a sole nation how it should operate… No, no, this shall be a handful of unseen “people” telling all of you upon your entire planet how to live and conform to a single world doctrine…. True freedom always involves a great many diverse ways of living, expressing and deciding, for each individual person, family or community – anything less is, I’m afraid to say, totalitarian – and that is far from freedom. So, please, beware of great gifts that profess to re-balance the books of those who created your problems in the first place! Simply put, this is one gift horse that you should look firmly in the mouth”

At The Blue Circle we urge people to test the communication – as we do ourselves – it MUST be proven and never accepted in blind faith! If it is communicated then it must be proven to be correct with the passage of time!

Merry Christmas from The Blue Circle (click here to read)

🎅🎅🎅 The Blue Circle would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a lovely new year.

Our spirit communicators have been telling our circle (since 2008 and even more so since 2015) of an oncoming plan to control humanity (globally), to mass inject everyone on Earth in order to kill and mane enough of them and to take the remaining population into a form of control never before seen.

Throughout 2021 our spirit team have told us every step of the oncoming and unfolding plan weeks in advance of it happening and many of those recordings, videos and transcripts have been put on here – why? Well… why not? If it is foretold and subsequently happens we psychical researchers call this EVIDENTIAL DATA, and within all spirit / mediumship communication there MUST be evidence. Even philosophy will one day be weighed up against the balance of truth and proof. This year we saw the words of Robert Goodwin’s guide, White Feather, from 20 and 30 years ago become more evidential than ever – proof that true spirit wisdom will pass that acid test eventually! As Monty has told you all, “evidential communication from loved ones and provable wisdom are two sides of that same coin”. Every word delivered was done because somewhere, just beyond our ability to see, THEY, the spirit people care. As one communicator said “WE ARE STILL HUMAN BEINGS”.

Among the foretelling and forewarning there have been lovely periods of personal evidence, usually delivered from Anthony, the little boy who for several years has worked hard to develop his evidential communications. Never has a character been so cared for by a circle as Anthony is to us… His accuracy at worst is lovely and at best phenomenal, bring the names, knick names, street names, jobs and character of those who wish to get their messages of survival back to us on this side of the thin divide.

We go into 2022 knowing that a new experiment will commence, that Anthony wishes to make his own voice audible within the room, that he wants to speak independently of the medium and having managed this only once before he shall now set about to achieve this properly.

I hope, personally, that trance will not be used and that I shall be able to hear this happen, but, what I hope and what will be are irrelevant – a truth about mediumship that I’ve learned down the years – if you want something specific then you’re already ruining your development……. Simply wait, wait and wait some more……. This is the spirit world’s time, the sèance room is their laboratory and you are there to sit and wait on them, NOT for them to satisfy your Earthly or pseudo-spiritual demands.

So, we step off with a strong stride into yet another year, or the illusion of new, nothing all that new really – we do so with optimism – positivity – with light and hope – that the corruption and the negative will be sent back to whence it came and that the world ahead with become a better one by our efforts and not by our compliance to side and justify the bad! May truth prevail, may we awaken to what is, may we all be winners – WE SHALL OVERCOME – may you all have a happy Christmas and a lovely New Year.

The Blue Circle x

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Spirit bring us trance meditation and wisdom all in one…

The Blue Circle gathering, on Tuesday evening, saw Anthony bring private and evidential communications for a sitter from an old associate, by name and correctly identifying their profession… Then our Monty spoke for the first time in a short while! He delivered a fascinating guided meditation and he included his unique philosophy within that meditation! This was a first time approach as we don’t recall him doing this before. Find the audio below and perhaps relax in a quiet place and follow his words with us, why not share with other like minded folk?

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Spirit World on Mental Health

This post is part 1 of 2 – I shall share Monty’s talk on “Emotions” at a future time… But regarding this talk on mental health, listening to it, even I thought that this talk made me think differently about the suffering that many people are currently going through! I think the explanation given certainly is one major factor for people.

I hope that you enjoy it and please share with anyone that you think will benefit from these recordings – their purpose is to help and assist.

The World Only Exists Within You

During a recent gathering of The Blue Circle in Coventry, UK, we had a rare experience whereby Monty came at the very start of our gathering and he stayed with us for the duration of our meeting.

Normally we would welcome Anthony first, the little boy who communicates survival evidence and trance clairvoyance, however, on this occasion, Monty and his friends felt it necceasary to lift our spirits by reminding us about the nature of life and reality… I’m sure it was all done in an effort to help us not to take life too serious. You can hear that audio in the video below. I hope you enjoy it.

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Into the love, Into the light

At a recent private meeting, the guide gave thanks to all of those people who do the work of the spirit – specifically those who had shown great courage and bravery in putting their heads above the parapet and speaking their truth against other people’s adverse reactions.

He then explained how those who cross to his world by their own hand DO NOT reside in some far off realm that is separate, but in fact they are all found within his world as they come into the love and into the light… Enjoy this recent exert!


A PURPOSE and A REASON (must read).

By Warren James 2015 –

In 2015 I wrote the following report for the Psychic World newspaper regarding the Stewart Alexander & Friends residential seminars, held twice annually at the Cober Hill conference centre, UK, for 20 years. Includes a full sèance report and personal encounter by sitter.

CLICK LINKS BELOW to view or download the PDF reports:

Part 1: Author: Warren James:

Part 2: Author: Katie Halliwell:

Part 3: Author: Sitters Personal Account.

Photograph of Stewart Alexander & Surviving Death author and investigator Leslie Kean (©️ image).

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The Zwanenhof

Following a now much talked about documentary on the subject of #survivingdeath – now seems a very good time to re-share my account and experiences at the Zwanenhof – the college featured throughout episode 2 and 3 of the new #Netflix docu-series.

In 2018 I spent a week there, I attended 2 sèances with Nicole de Haas (one private and one for students who attend the college), I observed trance twice, I gave 2 private trance sittings of my own as well as a presentation for the students about the Monarchy and their mediums which was really well received.

**** my original report below ****

The Zwanenhof
Europe’s leading centre for Mediumship Studies – by Warren James –

On Saturday 21 April I departed from Birmingham International Airport on route to Amsterdam and for the next 6 days I shall do what I have never felt at all inspired to do – I shall embark upon a mediumship course.

Now, I must stress that I have no issues with such courses, but the idea of spending just short of ÂŁ1000 at the Arthur Findlay College or the Zwanenhof has never appealed to me – especially when my own evidential trance mediumship has been unfolding perfectly well outside of view within the privacy of my own home circle for many years now.

Experiencing some of the “accredited tutors” over the years has rarely filled me with an ounce of confidence – from their teachings I’ve always been of the opinion that development alone, in a closed and harmonious circle, out of the sight of critical eyes and under the full supervision of the spirit people is “THE WAY”.

So why the change?

In October 2017 I was invited by the highly respected trance and physical medium, Stewart Alexander, to demonstrate at his own seminar in North Yorkshire, England. Stewart has become a friend and one that I would call a mentor during my own development. He has always been my first point of call for advice and never has he failed to respond and offer help where possible. He has followed my unfoldment with interest down the years and for this reason I agreed to give that demonstration – with a feeling of nerves inside me.

But a brief moment that changed everything for me happened on the Sunday of his seminar when another young medium came to me and thanked me for my demonstration. I trusted that she meant what she said because she herself was an AFC accredited demonstrator and tutor by the name of Nicole de Haas and it was her first time demonstrating clairvoyance at Stewart’s gathering. Nicole’s demonstration so accurate that is below me away and her sincerity shone through.

After the seminar, Nicole and I remained in contact and I discovered that she was a trance medium and that she had developed a very good standard of physical mediumship and that materialised people where now walking within her own séance room.

We also realised that there where more things in common with each other than we first considered – many of the commonalities related directly to the interaction between the spirit people themselves who work with us.

My own spirit team began showing up in Nicole’s circle in Holland and reporting to my home circle all that they saw taking place there whilst her own spirit people began reciprocating this.

I sensed a greater purpose and made the decision to take the step and attend the Zwanenhof.


I arrived at Amsterdam and was collected by a private vehicle arranged for me by the Zwanenhof team and I was greeted with true kindness by my driver as well the Zwanenhof staff who are unbelievably courteous beyond what I expected.

Meeting with my friend and course leader Nicole – she showed me around the college and we had lunch together.

My room was basic and contained everything that you truly need – bed, wardrobe, bathroom, desk, towels etc.

Following this I enjoyed meeting Nicole’s circle members and later that evening they all very kindly sat for my development.

After this – and a few drinks at the bar – we retired to bed and awaited Sunday, the official start date of the course.

Sunday afternoon I met the tutors, Libby Clarke from the UK and the Awakened Mind Coach, Suzanne Temple, whilst I myself participated as a guest speaker during the week (upon Nicole’s invitation to do so).

The Sunday afternoon was an opportunity for students to meet the tutors and to get to know each other. Following this we had the pleasure of hearing a lecture by Awakened Mind Coach Suzanne – she showed us many slides and images surrounding her research into the brain wave patterns of the more than 100 trance and physical mediums that she has studied.

It is without question that her presentation will have inspired people to considered how trance is taught and how people look at their own development.


Suzanne’s own talk was an extended version of a similar presentation that she gave on the Facebook group – Sacred Dance with Trance – a few months back when she was interviewed for the group, I would urge you to seek out the 2 part video within the group or on You Tube.

Monday to Friday morning: Breakfast was served between 8am and 9pm – following this was a 30 minutes period to relax before meditation.

Meditation was daily between 9:30am and 9:55am and each day at 10am we commenced with a different lecture by one of our experienced tutors.

Monday’s lecture was by Suzanne, Tuesday by Nicole, Wednesday by Libby and Thursday by myself during which I presented, with pictures, my “Monarchs & Their Mediums” talk.

Nicole’s lecture discussed healing and touched upon those historic mediums that healed in the trance state and whose guides could materialise, such as Alec Harris.

Libby’s lecture was concerning trance healing, an area that she is very passionate about and is a fine demonstrator of.

During this talk she explained about the healing nature of the tiny sub atomic particles known as Neutrinos and the healing knowledge passed to her by the spirit people which explained how they worked with them – information that was given and delivered in a very evidential way when she visited Switzerland.


Between 11:30am – 13:00 and 14:30 – 16:00 all students would enjoy workshops with the tutors.

With Libby, these workshops involved helping people to breakdown their psychological barriers, a major factor for developing medium out there. It was about understanding what we know and have learnt about the connection with the spirit people who choose to work with us. We looked at inspiration and understanding this so often over looked area of our minds. She also allowed time for us all to sit and learn to feel the spirit world, regardless of your stage of development, to try to feel the closeness via inspiration, to cross the bridge of the mind, to meet half way with these people who choose to develop us.

During Nicole’s classes we enjoyed many similar aspects, however, the focus was upon the sitting within circle, the development of circles, the development of trance and the progression towards physical mediumship.

As a Physical medium herself, Nicole certainly spoke from experience.


During each evening we were treated by our tutors to demonstrations by them and their own spirit people.

Libby Clarke: gave a remarkable demonstration of Trance Healing whereby Dr James, her principle healer, entranced Libby and proceeded to move and animate her around the patients. He would take their pulse whilst advising them of what medication they were currently taking (to incredible accuracy), he would then endeavour to administer his own treatment, to assist further.

I must say, ever the cynical person that I am, I was VERY impressed and within this limited space I cannot do DR JAMES justice, but he is truly a wonderful person to have met and I hope that our paths will cross again one day.

Nicole de Haas: invited students to attend an experimental séance on a separate evening.

I must stress here, I was given full control of the sĂ©ance room during the day… I aided the set up, I arranged chairs, helped placing seating labels, positioned the cabinet, moved the mediums chair and was generally there at all times. I searched all of the male sitters and I was one of the few present when one lady became over emotional and expressed her desire not to sit during this demonstration of physical mediumship. So I cannot emphasise how involved I was – and this is important – many physical mediums of the past are slandered and accused and many of these are concerning the layout and preparation of the sĂ©ance room itself.

I WAS THERE and I played that part – I am 200% certain that all was above board and correct.

Once all people where checked and seated, Nicole was strapped to her chair tightly at the wrists and ankles whilst the last fragments of day light where removed from the room and we sat in total darkness and opened with a short invocation.

After some joyful singing we were joined by Tommy, speaking to us through the entranced Nicole.

He commenced by offering a message to “the lady who decided to not sit with them tonight” – how on earth did Tommy know that? The message included specific details relevant to her and we duly noted them and transmitted them afterwards – to a very delighted lady who confirmed that all was entirely accurate. A lady who had flown from Australia to Holland, who had decided at the last moment to not attend and yet was still touched by the spirit world.

What followed was beyond question a most moving moment.

Tommy highlighted a father and daughter in the room – which was correct – both had travelled there from New Mexico, USA. He advised that they lost a young daughter / sister called Paige – CORRECT! “Well, in a moment she will try and walk from the cabinet and to touch you” Tommy advised… The room was charged with emotions by this point!

Music was played gently and during the moments the father spoke out that he was being touched by the hands of a little child – his daughter – and that he could feel her on his head, that he was being hugged and embraced.

Ever the skeptic, for a brief moment I wondered, is it possible that Nicole had left the cabinet?

My heart knew she hadn’t, but the brain is an evil machine at times. But in that moment, with the physical experiences happening between father and daughters just 4 feet to my right, out of the cabinet, loud and clear, Tommy spoke through Nicole and continued to speak to the two American visitors, who by which time where overcome with emotions.

FANTASTIC PROOF that the medium was exactly where she is supposed to be, that the materialised form was genuine and independent and that my heart was correct (and my brain was a cynical old goat).

Libby Clarke, sat in a separate cabinet during the event and was being used to aid the power, but during this next period an attempt was made to bring Neutrinos into the room and to send them into the world for healing purposes.

The room became colder, noticeably colder… like during the materialisation attempt… icey coldness

Libby’s guides gave information regarding the purpose of the healing and this was executed splendidly!

Afterwards, I saw Nicole and Libby, we sat for a time in a private room and I observed the noticeable exhaustion and drainage of the two ladies.

Nicole shared with me how she was not fully unconscious and was quite aware as the materialisation attempt of the little girl commenced – that she felt as if her intestines had been pulled from her body and stretched out across the room. At that moment a spirit person appeared at her side and took her down and out of conscious awareness.

If this is what happens then can you blame such mediums for keeping out of the public gaze?

I hope that the Zwanenhof realise and appreciate what they have. Even the AFC have never truly developed a resident physical medium and have done little to support it of late. I truly hope that the Zwanenhof cherish what they have developing under their roof – the jewel in the crown of mediumship!!!


Midweek there was a demonstration of mediumship within the chapel at the Zwanenhof – this was open to the public and it was very much a full house.

Nicole, Libby and Suzanne demonstrated clairvoyance to a remarkable degree of accuracy and I’m not just saying that – it was PROFOUNDLY accurate – and many people present shared laughter, joy and the occasional tear – for myself it was a pleasure to chair and play MC to such an event and I will cherish it always.

After such a fun packed and wonderful week it is true to say that all good things must eventually come to an end – and that happened on Friday afternoon with a beautiful closing ceremony during which we all lit a candle and gave thanks for the wonderful experience before going our separate ways.

It was emotional – touching and truly AMAZING

To my good friends Nicole and Suzanne – and to my new friend Libby – the work that you do is truly wonderful and what you gave of yourselves, physically and emotionally, is even more so!

My thanks to you all!

The Zwanenhof College

Suzanne Tempel – Tutor

Warren James
June 2018