From picture, to portrait, to message!

A few weeks ago our circle leader, Paul, decided to ask spirit artist/medium Sandy Ingham to draw a portrait for him… He filled out the form using his real name and he also sent the cheque in his real name too (which Sandy doesn’t know him by).

The following Monday he was clearing out his filing cabinet and stumbled upon a folder packed with photos from many years ago and among them was a picture of his friend HARRY who died some years ago.

The next day his portrait from Sandy arrived and the likeness of the drawing to Harry was similar.

So, Paul came clean to Sandy and he told her that he had sent her the form to which a telephone call took place between them both.

Sandy explained that spirit are telling her that Harry will be comming into the blue circle – however – Paul said nothing to me, deciding to keep this to himself.

Well – last night – just one week later – Anthony my spirit guide brought Harry to our circle. He gave Paul messages and in one of them Anthony said that “Harry is saying something like PACKINGTON”?

Paul had no idea what this meant UNTIL TODAY when he rang Harry’s widow and told her what Anthony said and she replied “well i know what that means, I live on PACKINGTON AVENUE”.

From a photo, to a portrait, to a message from a Sandy. From Sandy being proved correct, to a message from Anthony and then a confirmation word that only Harry’s widow could verify. (The Portrait and picture below.)

Paul sent a copy of Sandy’s portrait to Harry’s widow and she confirmed on 18th December that it was definitely him and even better still – Tuesday – the night that he communicated in our circle was his birthday!

It has made her Christmas!

20th December will be the anniversary of his passing in 2011.

She is over the moon, it has lifted her no end.

This is what it’s all about isn’t it???

If you’ve never heard Anthony working then you can download or get our circle CD which was made recently for those interested in and learning about trance. It allows you to hear the spirit people’s valuable teachings and evidential communication in trance.

But what an utterly fantastic experience for us all last night, a real joy and result…. They never fail to amaze us!

THANK YOU ANTHONY and HARRY, much love to LEO & SANDY ❤❤❤❤

To find out more about the amazing work of Sandy and Leo, her guide, then visit her website:

Sandy’s portrait with a strong likeness to Harry
Harry in life, many years before his death.

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