The World Only Exists Within You

During a recent gathering of The Blue Circle in Coventry, UK, we had a rare experience whereby Monty came at the very start of our gathering and he stayed with us for the duration of our meeting. Normally we would welcome Anthony first, the little boy who communicates survival evidence and trance clairvoyance, however, onContinue reading “The World Only Exists Within You”

Into the love, Into the light

At a recent private meeting, the guide gave thanks to all of those people who do the work of the spirit – specifically those who had shown great courage and bravery in putting their heads above the parapet and speaking their truth against other people’s adverse reactions. He then explained how those who cross toContinue reading “Into the love, Into the light”


A PURPOSE and A REASON (must read). By Warren James 2015 – In 2015 I wrote the following report for the Psychic World newspaper regarding the Stewart Alexander & Friends residential seminars, held twice annually at the Cober Hill conference centre, UK, for 20 years. Includes a full sèance report and personal encounter byContinue reading “A PURPOSE and A REASON”

SURVIVING DEATH: My Final Conclusion – by Warren James.

SURVIVING DEATH – My Final Conclusion. By Warren James. What are your views on the new NetFlix Documentary – Surviving Death? What is your over all view and what are your criticisms and best parts?? Well, my overall view is below having now seen the complete documentary that I waited 3 years for! ByContinue reading “SURVIVING DEATH: My Final Conclusion – by Warren James.”

Prophetic trance communication from Monty in 2015 – was 2020 written long ago?

An unbelievably prophetic trance communication from Monty, in our circle five years ago (2015)! Have the events of 2020 been known all along? TRANSCRIPT BELOW… You decide: *** YOUR WORLD NOW SITS ON A VERY NARROW BLADE *** “Your world now sits on a very very narrow blade and you are capable of fallingContinue reading “Prophetic trance communication from Monty in 2015 – was 2020 written long ago?”