Trance Mediums – A New Book Released

Released by author and spiritual investigator, James McQuitty. I am delighted that among a number of very respected trance mediums, the author has included details communicated from Monty through my mediumship with the Blue Circle. You can download or purchase the paperback by clicking here It is my belief that their has been space forContinue reading “Trance Mediums – A New Book Released”

Trance communication – “Beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning?” (Click this title to read)

February 2021 during a circle gathering with two guest sitters, Anthony was asked when anything resembling the “old normal” maybe felt again? Will it ever be felt again? As his child like mannerisms turned serious, his response was: “By the second summer (summer 2022) you should be feeling an air of what you considered toContinue reading “Trance communication – “Beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning?” (Click this title to read)”

Merry Christmas from The Blue Circle (click here to read)

🎅🎅🎅 The Blue Circle would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a lovely new year. Our spirit communicators have been telling our circle (since 2008 and even more so since 2015) of an oncoming plan to control humanity (globally), to mass inject everyone on Earth in order to kill and mane enoughContinue reading “Merry Christmas from The Blue Circle (click here to read)”

Spirit bring us trance meditation and wisdom all in one…

The Blue Circle gathering, on Tuesday evening, saw Anthony bring private and evidential communications for a sitter from an old associate, by name and correctly identifying their profession… Then our Monty spoke for the first time in a short while! He delivered a fascinating guided meditation and he included his unique philosophy within that meditation!Continue reading “Spirit bring us trance meditation and wisdom all in one…”

Spirit World on Mental Health

This post is part 1 of 2 – I shall share Monty’s talk on “Emotions” at a future time… But regarding this talk on mental health, listening to it, even I thought that this talk made me think differently about the suffering that many people are currently going through! I think the explanation given certainlyContinue reading “Spirit World on Mental Health”

The World Only Exists Within You

During a recent gathering of The Blue Circle in Coventry, UK, we had a rare experience whereby Monty came at the very start of our gathering and he stayed with us for the duration of our meeting. Normally we would welcome Anthony first, the little boy who communicates survival evidence and trance clairvoyance, however, onContinue reading “The World Only Exists Within You”

Into the love, Into the light

At a recent private meeting, the guide gave thanks to all of those people who do the work of the spirit – specifically those who had shown great courage and bravery in putting their heads above the parapet and speaking their truth against other people’s adverse reactions. He then explained how those who cross toContinue reading “Into the love, Into the light”