Merry Christmas from The Blue Circle (click here to read)

🎅🎅🎅 The Blue Circle would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a lovely new year.

Our spirit communicators have been telling our circle (since 2008 and even more so since 2015) of an oncoming plan to control humanity (globally), to mass inject everyone on Earth in order to kill and mane enough of them and to take the remaining population into a form of control never before seen.

Throughout 2021 our spirit team have told us every step of the oncoming and unfolding plan weeks in advance of it happening and many of those recordings, videos and transcripts have been put on here – why? Well… why not? If it is foretold and subsequently happens we psychical researchers call this EVIDENTIAL DATA, and within all spirit / mediumship communication there MUST be evidence. Even philosophy will one day be weighed up against the balance of truth and proof. This year we saw the words of Robert Goodwin’s guide, White Feather, from 20 and 30 years ago become more evidential than ever – proof that true spirit wisdom will pass that acid test eventually! As Monty has told you all, “evidential communication from loved ones and provable wisdom are two sides of that same coin”. Every word delivered was done because somewhere, just beyond our ability to see, THEY, the spirit people care. As one communicator said “WE ARE STILL HUMAN BEINGS”.

Among the foretelling and forewarning there have been lovely periods of personal evidence, usually delivered from Anthony, the little boy who for several years has worked hard to develop his evidential communications. Never has a character been so cared for by a circle as Anthony is to us… His accuracy at worst is lovely and at best phenomenal, bring the names, knick names, street names, jobs and character of those who wish to get their messages of survival back to us on this side of the thin divide.

We go into 2022 knowing that a new experiment will commence, that Anthony wishes to make his own voice audible within the room, that he wants to speak independently of the medium and having managed this only once before he shall now set about to achieve this properly.

I hope, personally, that trance will not be used and that I shall be able to hear this happen, but, what I hope and what will be are irrelevant – a truth about mediumship that I’ve learned down the years – if you want something specific then you’re already ruining your development……. Simply wait, wait and wait some more……. This is the spirit world’s time, the sèance room is their laboratory and you are there to sit and wait on them, NOT for them to satisfy your Earthly or pseudo-spiritual demands.

So, we step off with a strong stride into yet another year, or the illusion of new, nothing all that new really – we do so with optimism – positivity – with light and hope – that the corruption and the negative will be sent back to whence it came and that the world ahead with become a better one by our efforts and not by our compliance to side and justify the bad! May truth prevail, may we awaken to what is, may we all be winners – WE SHALL OVERCOME – may you all have a happy Christmas and a lovely New Year.

The Blue Circle x

The spirit team images are below

Published by Warren James

Musician, Entertainer & Psychical Researcher

One thought on “Merry Christmas from The Blue Circle (click here to read)

  1. Hi Warren wishing you and your group a great Christmas, I looked forward to your Spirit friends communication it gave me comfort through these times. I was once in a group for many years but my Teacher returned home in 2008 your Teacher reminds me of our main Teacher Basho don’t know if you knew of Jean Duncan who also was a wonderful trance medium whom I miss,
    I think when you have been in the presence of True Spirit and their teaching you never forget so once again wishing you all the best for 2022 from a grateful welsh lady xx

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