Prophetic trance communication from Monty in 2015 – was 2020 written long ago?

An unbelievably prophetic trance communication from Monty, in our circle five years ago (2015)!

Have the events of 2020 been known all along? TRANSCRIPT BELOW… You decide:


“Your world now sits on a very very narrow blade and you are capable of falling one way or the other.

Collectively you are being forced downwards in your mental state. People in your world fail to realise that your thoughts are very much projections of reality in the making. It is no shock that those who live a life of positivity shall in fact live a life of positivity and that those who live a life of negativity shall manifest before them negativity throughout their life. The obstacles that are thrown within your life are merely the testing blocks for those very thought states when they arise.

Mankind himself, at highest echelons, knows this! They know that by the manipulation of your minds and your thoughts they can control the outcome to be whatever they so desire.

Right now your world sits on a knife edge with two directions available – one of love and of compassion and another direction, one of hate, mass control and missery. Which way will the world will go? That’s the question one will ask and of course you may look to our world for the answer – but you need only look within yourselves to know that the world will go wherever mankind’s materialism wants it to go.

The wealth of your world will decide which direction you are going. Right now you are watching in your world as your own leaders who profess to protect you, who profess to work for you in fact do the very opposite. They are not looking to protect you but they are looking to protect that which stimulates and controls “them”.

You live in a world that sits on a brink and right now what you’re witnessing will, if all goes as it is planned, move the chess piece a little further on in the game.

You are in a position where the leaders of your world whom you claim work for you, in fact, would like to bring about far more sinister motives.

I am able to tell you that within your lifetime you will soon see major powers coming into conflicts yet again, mass house arrest and mass injections – all to “save you”.

All of this can in fact be changed now by your thoughts and creating a new future.

Now mankind as a species sits and says “well that is not possible, that’s impossible and if it was as simple as that why is it not so?”, but then I will reply that you know nothing of the true power of your own mind, you know nothing of the true power of the collective consciousness.

You have not discovered consciousness itself or how it works for you do not have the words nor the tools by which to locate it and measure it. There is no coincidence that your world faces an impending stage of negativity blasted upon you on a daily bases. That’s the truth.

Your minds collectively are held down and your minds can be lifted collectively, lifting you out of this impending global problem. You have allowed your minds to become unpowerful, you have allowed yourselves to be controlled, to be manipulated.

I ask that you all raise your thoughts out to those who are implementing such negativity, to those who allow it to breed within them like a virus.

Go for those who are causing this darkness, eminate love in their direction for they are causing it, they are the source and they require it more than anyone!

It is love that is required to go to those people in your world. I wish to inform you that I am not here to depress you, in fact, far from it, I am here to empower you all, to bring and remind you of love from my world, to bring you encouragement – but you understand that the truth sometimes is a very bitter pill to swallow, so often people would rather bury their head in the sand, look away and say that all I describe is not so, that I have no part to play, that I did not cause it – but – it is the burying of ones head in the sand that denies you “the truth”.

The truth is that we can all change that which is taking place and from our world we can make our part valid by trying to communicate to you all “the truth”!”

Monty – spirit world communicator speaking to sitters of The Blue Circle in 2015.

Monty – drawn by Sandy Ingham

Published by Warren James

Musician, Entertainer & Psychical Researcher

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