Happy New Year – I hope that I find you well and healthy.

More than ever many of us are asking what their purpose is? Well a few words to inspire your first steps into 2021

A transcript below of the spirit communicator Monty, speaking in The Blue Circle, UK. www.trancemedium.wordpress.com the subject is entitled:


As you travel through your life how many times have you questioned your purpose for being? What is my purpose in life? What is my purpose within this world? Many will often ask other people or even the sky as they look upwards in desperation.

When times are in struggle, when you are at an all time low, it is so often then that WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? is asked. But – when one is riding the crest of the wave, then seldom does one ever ask the question.

It is when the crest of the wave rides high and when all is going according to your own self invented plan of illusory perfection that the question is ever so rarely asked.

However, when you reached those “self perceived, equally illusory lows” within your lives, it was then my friends that you were truly experiencing a “spiritual awakening”.

It is through those so-called lows that your transformation of self – the spiritual self, your true self, your etheric, your energetic self, became aware of it’s purpose and evolved a little more.

If only you could see you as I see you, then you would cease to self diagnose your pupose in life by nothing other than your achievements alone or by your all time highs.

Seeing you as I see you, then I know that you would embrace your lows as equals and of such vast importance. For it was those self perceived, self certified and self rejected lows that projected you forward for those magnificent highs to ever manifest at all.

Wisdom would learn to appreciate and embrace the two states, for the two truly go hand-in-hand.

Like a canvas painting, the light strokes are just as important as the dark strokes. The light and the shade is the true portrait of life itself in all of it’s beauty – and so it is with your own lives – with every life.

There is no one set purpose in life… your purpose differs throughout the many years and even then it continues unbroken into my world.

Your lives are forever changing and evolving whilst your purpose rises and falls upon the wave into many different categories or facets. Throughout life there are so many different expressions of what your purpose truly is – just like that great painting!

At the point of physical death from your world, when that last stroke is painted upon the great canvas of Earth, then you will step back and you shall see that there are so many different shades and so many different strokes that made up the purposes of your life and each of then are equal.

Montague (Monty) – regular communicator from the spirit world within The Blue Circle. 2016


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