SURVIVING DEATH: My Final Conclusion – by Warren James.

SURVIVING DEATH – My Final Conclusion. By Warren James.

What are your views on the new NetFlix Documentary – Surviving Death? What is your over all view and what are your criticisms and best parts??

Well, my overall view is below having now seen the complete documentary that I waited 3 years for!

By enlarge I thought it was a magnificent documentary, the research into Near Death Experiences (E1) and Past Lives (E6) was so emotionally compelling and life changing that one could not be in any doubt whatsoever of the reality of such cases.

However, in contrast, episode 2 & 3, I believe has done mediumship no good at all.

There was no life changing or compelling evidence that ignited the same level of magnificence as parts 1 and 6.

I’ve met Leslie Kean a few times and I’ve even interviewed her for Sacred Dance with Trance. I read Surviving Death having been presented with my copy at her UK launch and I know how passionate she is on the data collected.

But, where was all the data from the book? The data showing what happens to a medium’s brains when working… a brief mention and nothing more?

Suzanne Tempel in Holland has studied the Brain of hundreds of mediums to understand the patterns and conscious states, however, in this series she is credited as a circle member, a sitter  and non of her work presented? A complaint that she has raised publicly and refers to as “MISREPRESENTATION”

Much data is lost or forfeited for material satisfaction.

Frankly, the wonders of mediumship detailed in the book does not make it to the screen.

I think trance & physical mediumship, and to some degree the clairvoyance, was, in common with previous attempts to present factually on the subject, shown in a very boring light. I wasn’t gripped in the slightest.

In fact, had I never heard of mediumship or spiritualism, but then saw this, I would have had no desire to investigate it further having watched part 2 & 3.

Physical mediumship isn’t portrayed well at all (as usual) where was the physical mediumship? Of course, it’s in the dark, exactly where it has to be in order to develop it, but a few seconds of strenuous audio from one man saying what he can feel upon his head doesn’t exactly set the world on fire when physical mediumship is supposed to be seen by all, witnessed by all, felt by all, etc.

As for trance mediumship, see my previous comments on the Blue Circle facebook page, but it fairs no better.

Episodes 2 & 3 are largely boring with nothing of the “ground breaking” data that I expected and hoped for during this last 3 year wait for the docu-series.

Having read SURVIVING DEATH by Leslie Kean a few years ago (which was magnificent) I believe it should have stayed in book form.

In contrast, the NDE’s and the PAST LIFE cases where truly and undeniably magnificent within the documentary and as someone who has been largely uninterested in such cases over the years, SUDDENLY, I was awoken to the true standard of data available and I was entirely moved, especially towards the end with the two boys experiences.

But the mediumship cases where dull and lifeless by any comparison and certainly not ground breaking at all….

I would much rather have seen 2 more episodes on NDE’s or Past Lives.

Mediumship, including trance, has once again failed to be propelled forward but instead simply falls back into controversy and criticism – it would seem that is where it’s destined to remain.

New NETFLIX Docu-series

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